Armoring Pilot Demonstration

Task Force Hope – Greater New Orleans Area


Provide and document field testing plans and procedures for evaluation of high-performance turf reinforcement mats (HPTRM) supplied by individual manufacturers; Evaluate and demonstrate the ability of the HPTRM system (material, anchoring systems) and grass combination to withstand normal O&M operations, e.g. mowing the grass under various wet conditions, and the ability of the grass to grow and provide anchoring for the HPTRM; Anchoring and pull-out resistance testing and HPTRM repair demonstration testing; Determine average pull-out resistance in pounds of their anchor system, prior to HPTRM installation, based on an initial embedment depth of 24″ and soil characteristics of CH/CL material, meeting HSDRRS embankment criteria; Testing conducted after HPTRM installation and grass establishment; Intent of testing is to demonstrate and document recommended repair procedures to be used for future repair of HPTRM materials; Anchor tests performed using tripod method to not compress or interfere with the friction cone of resistance created by the anchor foot during the pull test; Digital load scale has current valid certified calibration certificate or sticker; Ten anchor tests performed per manufacturer on the mid slope of the levee; Result of anchor pull test and repair test are included in final report documenting the post construction field testing plans and results; Photo/video documentation of all tests and procedures included in final report.

Project Type

Field and Lab Testing of Materials and Methods


Greater New Orleans Area

Award Amount & Time Spent

$ 521,619.52 | 6 months