Pontchartrain Partners, LLC is capable of providing a variety of services as an individual corporate entity. We have extensive experience in staff augmentation for the very same clients we serve in our construction division. We have performed a vast array of marine construction services (dredging piloting, docks and bulkheads, coastal and marsh restoration, armoring, debris clean up, and vessel crew placement), civil construction services (field performance testing, O&M support, facilities operations and building maintenance, surveying and GIS mapping) and Project & Program Management services (scheduling, procurement strategies, cost estimation, health and safety programs, QA/QC) through several support projects across the South and Midwest.

The Pontchartrain Partners team possesses great familiarity with professional and administrative support contracts, valued at over $25M for USACE, USDA, and NAVFAC combined. Ranging from document scanning services to developing Quality Assurance Management Information Systems, our matrix of professionals and support staff is capable of covering a variety of our client’s needs.

PPLLC’s staff of over 80 construction and administrative professionals has managed the design, construction and maintenance of large navigation, coastal and inland flooding, shore protection and risk reduction systems. Some of our projects include emergency levee repairs, coastal erosion prevention, natural drainage provisions, utilities installations, road repairs, and shore protection armament. .  We find great comfort in working expeditiously when needed in order to provide critical risk reduction system designs.  Each of PPLLC’s principals has worked for the same design, construction, and project management teams from inception to completion in major infrastructural projects including the Seabrook Sector Gate, 22 miles of St. Bernard Parish’s reinforced concrete T-wall, Western Closure Pump Complex (20,000 cu. ft. per sec), Inner Harbor Navigation Channel Barrier System and Permanent Pumps system.

Our services and expertise in the Heavy Civil Engineering and Construction profession can be broken down into four sections: Project and Program Management, Planning and Environmental Compliance, Construction Management, and Disaster Management and Recovery.

PPLLC provides