Bldg 45 HVAC Retrofit



The Scope of Work for this contract includes conversion of a two-pipe chiller/boiler system to a four-pipe system for the 3-story, 66-room hotel on the Naval base in Belle Chasse, LA; replacement of fan coil units; new chilled water distribution piping system; replacement of the central heating boiler, pumps, air separator, compression tank, and air control; a new DDC system and communication with the base-wide EMCS; demolition of the existing HVAC system and associated components; insulation of new work and repairs to damaged insulation in certain areas of the building; replace the two existing air-cooled chillers with one new high-efficiency chiller with levitated bearing compressors; replace existing associated circulation pump and spare pump provide piping modifications, components, and accessories necessary to provide a new and complete variable flow chiller plant; completely replace two existing DOAS units with two new DOAS units capable of providing required ventilation air to the building.

Project Type



New Orleans NAS JRB

Award Amount & Time Spent

$ 2,869,419.00 | 10 months, estimated