De-Snag Mike’s River



The Scope of Work for this project includes removal of snags and downed trees obstruction the safe operation of small boats within Mike’s River Waterway Western Maneuver Area located on Stennis Space Center, MS; survey specified areas of the river and identify all obstructions, snags, embedded logs, downed trees extending more than 10 feet from the banks, and remove all obstructions to safe passage of Navy vessels at high speed from the central 50% of the channel; Habitat (river/stream bottom) disturbance shall be kept to the minimum required to remove the obstructions. Snags in the center of he channel shall be completely removed, if possible, by lifting from the water and depositing them on a barge for disposal. Snags that cannot be removed by lifting shall be cut at the sediment-water interface and the upper portion removed. Disturbance of shoreline habitats shall be kept to a minimum except for specific shoreline areas used for landing zones. Landing zones will require complete clearing of the shoreline.

Project Type

Civil Construction


Stennis Space Center

Award Amount & Time Spent

$ 191,580.00 | 3 months