Gas Line Replacement



Incorporate the design and construction of a new natural gas distribution system at the NAS JRB; Will include the installation of polyethylene natural gas distribution pipe (“PE pipe”), ranging from 1/2″ to 6″ in diameter, along with PE isolation valves, blowdown valves, expansion loops and other related appurtenances. The distribution system will generally encompass the inhabited areas of the NAS (“cantonment”). Replacement of 10 miles of natural gas lines (cast iron) with TracPipe; location of all utility lines on base; design of how/where new lines will be placed underground without disrupting the regular actives of a fully-functional Joint-Reserve military base; documentation of the locations and layout of the new piping plan.

Project Type

Utilities Installation


NAS JRB New Orleans

Award Amount & Time Spent

$ 3.1M | 2 years (underway)