The project includes the replacement of the upstream and downstream Ortona Lock timber guide walls. Work includes the replacement of both downstream guide walls and the replacement of the north upstream guide wall, as well as replacement of the south upstream guide wall. Each timber support frame is constructed with a vertical pile braced by a batter pile driven at a 30 degree angle from vertical. The outer end of each guide wall is anchored with a seven pile dolphin structure. The existing piles (vertical and batter) are creosote treated timber piles. All piles shall be cut off at the mud line prior to their removal. Electrical boat signal switch with pull ropes, boat speakers, navigation lights and walkway lighting will be replaced with new fixtures, wiring and conduits. Existing walkway steel railing, moorings and stilling wells shall be removed and reused on the new guide walls. Existing ladders shall be replaced with new OSHA compliant ladders with safety gates.

Project Type

Marine Renovation | Construction


Okeechobee Waterway

Award Amount & Time Spent

$ 2,760,364.71 | 6 months